Barclay Jennings, Port Angeles

1st Tenor

The Lord led Barclay and wife to Port Angeles in 2007. His wife retired from a long career as a teacher. She taught every grade from kindergarten through high school. Having sold their Southern California home and real estate business, the idea was to build a retirement home and kick back. That lasted for a while but then Barclay decided to get his real estate license and become active with a local real estate firm. His wife has become involved in church groups at IBC and other community organizations. Traveling to Edmonds to visit their grand children is a top priority.

Music has been an important part of Barclay’s life from an early age. Whether it was singing in church groups, or listening to his parents 45’s, music was always there. In Jr. High School it was the beginning band and the trombone that became an avid interest. Barclay played trombone in various ensembles throughout high school. Playing in the band at Point Loma Nazarene University led to a degree in Music Theory. After college Barclay became a public school teacher. He worked in the classroom and became the instrumental music teacher in El Monte, CA. Barc had great fun working with children and introducing them to instrumental music and band. He remarks, “They taught me as much as I taught them.”

Then a career in real estate took Barclay’s time and energy for the next 28 years. Time for music dropped to occasional trombone playing and stints in the church choir. Since coming to Port Angeles, he has been active in the IBC church choir, the local chapter of barbershop singers and most recently became a member of the PMGS. He says, “It doesn’t get much better than singing praises and worshipping the Lord with these great guys.”

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